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YouTube Series: How We Homeschool

Welcome, Welcome bloggie Fans!! I have a confession. I love YouTubing! I love watching videos of DIY’s and How To’s. I love learning new things. I get a lot of ideas from that and Pinterest. Youtube mostly appeals more to … Continue reading

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Spring 2016: May update

It feels like summer here in Tennessee. Warm nights, hot days, and no rain. Our back yard doesn’t need mowing because the majority of it is brown. But that’s not the best of it….  We have storage buckets for pools… … Continue reading

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Charlotte Mason: Week of 5/23

This week we are working through the Ambleville Online website. I chose to go the path the site recommends. The only thing, we had to use the books that are Ipad friendly, or shall I say, internet able. We just … Continue reading

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Awaken to Knowledge: Our Weekly Homeschool Review

This week we have been extremely lazy. Not really, the kids did a lot, a little, what ever.. they did SCHOOLwork . Spelling, Reading, Science, History, Math, everything really…. I personally binged watched a few Netflix shows (The Messengers, The Lost Castles of England, (kids) … Continue reading

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Our Homeschool 2016-2017

Do you struggle with scheduling your homeschool year? I know I do! I think every year that I have scheduled our life away, it pretty much doesn’t go as planned! I always just ending up marking when we do days … Continue reading

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School Time, Already?

In our household, we choose to school year round. Doing so allows us to skip the review and move forward. There is no forgetting anything; we just move right into the next object of learning. And it does work. But….

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Over the last few months we have tried our hardest to stick to the Ready Set, Go- Homeschool routine. However, with a mind like mine.. I just cannot.  No matter what I do I cannot bring myself to implement a … Continue reading

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In for the Homeschool Haul: Character Training

We have started our Character Training workshops for the school year. I haven’t TOTALLY decided if we are focusing on one a month or one a week. I think one a month may be best. Maybe, that way we can truly … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Go- Homeschool!!

In our home… During the winter months (from November- Mid March), nothing majorly gets done, homeschool wise that is 🙂 Just think…  November= Thanksgiving, and December=Christmas. So, truly November and December are nonstop busy months. Then come January and February; … Continue reading

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A Novice’s Advice to Homeschooling

Last year was our first year homeschooling. We pretty much had an unschooling approach to our year.  Even though I’m still a novice. My advice to first time homeschoolers would be.. In the first year, all you want to do … Continue reading

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