A long haul, A new day

It’s been a trying year, to say the least. So much so, writing was thrown to the side. .. since January. Oh not good! I cringe at the thought of abandoning the work, the Writings. Because, I love writing. Writing gives me a sense of calmness, a sense of peace, a sense of realizing what is going on in my life. Rather good, bad, right, or wrong. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I always get engulfed in a fantasy. The fantasy of time… Time flies… and it has flown by quickly.


This year in review….

  • A new job for my husband. Being home only 4 days a month.
  • Searching for a home in another state. Realizing it’s better to be without, than with. Or WITH… If you get me.
  • Homeschooling under stress. With a toddler.
  • Depression. Humility.
  • Humbleness.
  • Fear
  • Painted the house to fit us.
  • Went to church, to glorify God.
  • Welcomed a child. I’m an Aunt!
  • Have days together, as a family.
  • Watched a business grow.
  • Are allowed to homeschool.
  • Realize God is still here.
  • Made great friends.


  • Our year was not all bad… and the best part. It’s not even over yet.


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My year of No Poo has been a tough, but, good year. And I’m glad I haven’t given up!!


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Headphones, Dropped Calls, and a Much Needed Supporter

FYI: Head phones: doubling as a way to talk over the phone: a life and a neck savor. Especially, when your running around chasing kids, shopping, and talking for hours.

I’m super thankful for my husband’s job as a Professional Driver. I don’t think we have ever talked so much in our marriage, as what we have in the last 5 or so weeks. Only thing i dont like is (besides for being away from home) the dropped calls and potty breaks he has to take. Yes, I love talking to my husband! Even if we are mad we will still have to talk. And breaks and stuff like that are for the birds! He don’t need no break! He needs ME! Bahaha

But Seriously,

– I was thinking……

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It’s 12 am and I am writing to you about yesterday. I had a lengthy order of 50 handmade paper 8.5×11 sheets and I finished making them today, from start —> to lay out to dry. As soon as they dry, we will be ironing and seeing if I need to redo any. I have 2 weeks, so I think I will be ok. I am super excited about this order. However, I am a little lot nervous about sending them.  I truly want these sheets to be exactly what the good customer is looking for. But, you never know. God willing these will be a blessing!

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As a human, I always drag old ways with me. Luckily, I’ve let some things retire in their stupidity in my past. But, those that are still haunting me make me realize that it doesn’t matter if I know they are not good at this stage in my life… I still do it.

Now.. Just think-To actually get that taste of heaven, wouldn’t that be exceptional? But you know what, when I look at the cross and I realize I get the taste of future grace every day. I just have to accept it’s everlasting flavor. I have to put on my armor and accept changes that come my way. I have to look forward and stay in the present at the same time. For me that’s not easy. I’m a free spirit.. I’m a free spirit with God by my side.

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My Squirt Thought: Tantrum Style

FARM2You know that moment in life where you just want to pause.

That one moment where everything is perfect. The house is clean, the car is spotless, the kids are bathed and sparkling clean, the pantry is stocked, and your shop is BOOMIN’.

You know what I mean..



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This Little ‘Autumn’ Life of Mine

This little life of mine. I’m going to let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine…

This little Autumn Life of OURS!!

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August 14

Wow, I cannot believe this month is almost over! And not to mention, I haven’t even put a dent in my series of edible garden weeds (Giganti frowny face). I guess I should of thought about how busy this month was going to be. After all, I spent a week planning our homeschool year (printouts by week). Then the next, desiding to go another route with an actual bought year planner. So, I’m in the process of writing everything down… day by day. To me that helps tramendously with our day.

A little bit of Augusts past…

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School Time, Already?

homeschoolcurricIn our household, we choose to school year round. Doing so allows us to skip the review and move forward. There is no forgetting anything; we just move right into the next object of learning. And it does work.


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DIY Macrame Owl: Finished!!!

For the past 3 days I have been working on this lovely owl. To be honest, I tore it apart once. It was just to small for my liking. Then, I had to make small changes here and there. The hardest part was the body. The body just refused to turn out even on both sides. All in all, I think it turned out beautiful!


Finished project and wall.





Starting with some lark lnots

Starting with some lark lnots

Then some square knots.. Can you tell this is the first owl? It's extremly small.

Then some square knots.. Can you tell this is the first owl? It’s extremly small.



all images and content © Andrea Davis

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