My Birthday Goal: Life Unplugged

Something has been pushing, molding, and brewing in my mind lately. And I just can’t help shake it. It’s like God tapping me directly on the shoulder. Reminding me that- Somethings have to change!! For the sake of his blessing and our family as a whole.

Like for instance- My mind clutter, recently.

Once there was a time where we played outdoors, climbed mountains, used books to look up information, let it be known where we were going and returning (with just a piece of paper to tell an address or a grocery list).

We had alone time with family, without the distraction of the box of doom or tablet of procrastination. Where we are together in nature or at a table and not in front of the a TV. A TV of such I find humanly degrading. We…

Okay, I could go on and on. But why? You’d stop reading after much more complaining…. So, here this. I remember the coming of technology and the soon to come- deep worrisome nature creeping inside. Worrisome, not just for my family, but families as a whole.

Which brings me to this, 6 years ago. On a similar note- a similar conversation with God- a not so gradual whim. I was a super convicted divorcee, with 3 young kids, and I finally got fed up with the junk on tv and the trash filled Internet. God was talking to me. I for once was a good obedient child of God, with no one but myself to adhere to, and I actually listened. It was a beginning of something new. Goodbye, TV, Goodbye, Internet!! Hello Freedom.

Of course, frustration sat in soon after. What do we do with all this time. There was no instant gratification or boredom buster. No plopping in front of the box on the table. No staring into the blackness of fake reality while eating.

After a while something started happening… fulfillment took over. Things started to go smoother, tempers cooled, and more things got done. How cool is that.

Then I remarried, the Man God gave to me!!

And God called on us to homeschool. We switched it all back on thinking “We need it for “school?””or “Weather?!” The result was, and is, as expected. Consumption, leaving God and family in the background.

Homeschool was the thing that was kinda going. You do this worksheet. This online lesson. This reading. This…. This… And THIS… Then you have free time. Hum.

Finally, or not so finally, but a few months ago I woke up from a deep sleep. Not only did I notice everyone was in a different room, on some device. You know… Someone was watching cable, another on an iPad watching YouTube, and yet another on Netflix., then one playing Minecraft. I was like WOW! Am I in a modern day Wall-E. Just WOW!

And I thought to myself.

I always strive to keep our living minimalized.

Less clutter, more family time, more money, more…. You name it. And at the moment the only clutter right now is HOMESCHOOL STUFF and MERRY FERN STUFF! Which is ALOT!! But the thought of technology clutter. You don’t think of it. You don’t think of technology clutter becoming an idol… That just wasn’t there, in my mind. Until I noticed… I NOTICED the house, the yard, the bills, the attitudes, the procrastination doubling. We were apart. A family going different directions. In our own worlds. In the same house. All because of distraction. laziness. I don’t know what it is. Laziness caused by a TV, the Internet, or the Phone. Hum… Laziness caused by idolatry.

Colossians chapter 3 sums up everything quite nicely. But, I’m going to refer to vs’s 23-25

23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.
25 But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.

How can we do right and heartily for the Lord if we are engulfed in a silent death. How are we to serve Christ sitting in front of a screen. Constantly. A screen were the culture we live in accepts acts of crudeness, nudity, vulgarity, idolizing man made idols and more stuff. A screen, a place you can use the incognito screen to hide the sin of man made passions, pornography, adultery, silent idolatry. What you don’t want others to see, you go there. Even if no human sees you… God sees you!! He see’s me and my addiction to certain tv shows or Facebook or YouTube. But I want him to see me climb above the realms of man. Striving for a better connection. Because this life it short. Why waste it on something that is a disgrace in the eyes of the Lord.

Furthermore, after much spousal conversation of auctioning off my point of view, for the umpteenth time. And the devil walkin in and putting up a fight of biblical mockery. With a little bit of bickering, convincing, praying, yelling, crying, praying, thinking of the correct words. God wins. As long as this win is in his favor.

So, after much talk and questionable attitudes on both parts, my goal for this week happened. Not how I wanted but…

Today, marking my 35 birthday, we shut off cable, Internet, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and lowered cell use.

Yes, I believe God has given US (my husband and I) the responsibility to take back our family.

With unplugging I, and we, can talk to anyone without the “Shush, we’re watching this!” Or “Go play in your room till this show is over.” Or “Let me check this “one” thing.” Before I can be in the moment.

Now, your thinking that’s extreme. Why not just unplug the thing? Okay. Your right. Then temptation dwells and you PLUG IT IN. Right?!

That’s not what I want.

I want Life back!! It’s gravely important and we are missing it.

I want simplicity! Not just from a clutter free home but a clutter less mind.

I want imagination in the minds of my children.

I want my family to strengthen there faith in God!!!

All this without the distraction of a black pit trying to suck us in.

But, hey that’s just me and my Needs and thoughts at this time. And if it takes unplugging from the world.


With an added savings of over 120 a month.

With that said, How are we going to do it?…

•Library Days- When needed- Free internet…
•Want to watch a MOVIE- Rent it. But think is it appropriate or blaspheme God.
•Phone- My phone already shuts off from 9am till 3pm. Privacy mode is nice. So if you try to call between 9am-3pm, I’m probably not available. But, there is email or the old fashion pen and paper.
So, there you have it. AND I’m not ashamed!! I’m a 35 year old woman that wants her family to get back in touch with God, even if it means unplugging from the world.


About Andrea

My Husband and Children are my rewards. I keep home, run my business, and direct my children with the help of our Lord. Thrift shopping, antiquing, DIYing, and photography are my enjoyments. Peace, Love, and Happy Homesteading! Andrea
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