Spring 2016: May update

It feels like summer here in Tennessee. Warm nights, hot days, and no rain. Our back yard doesn’t need mowing because the majority of it is brown. But that’s not the best of it…. 

We have storage buckets for pools…

A trip to Texas… aka… Mission Trip for the oldest boys. They safe in the process of helping the Rowlett community clean up the tornado damage.

And Hot Air Balloon Festival fun….

Kate and I are in line to ride the balloon

Tuckerd’ out!

Ethan being a good big Bro!

And work to be done… On bikes?

So far a blessed spring! All I can say is God has been good and homeschooling never stops. 🙂


About Andrea

My Husband and Children are my rewards. I keep home, run my business, and direct my children with the help of our Lord. Thrift shopping, antiquing, DIYing, and photography are my enjoyments. Peace, Love, and Happy Homesteading! Andrea
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