Charlotte Mason: Week of 5/23

This week we are working through the Ambleville Online website. I chose to go the path the site recommends. The only thing, we had to use the books that are Ipad friendly, or shall I say, internet able. We just don’t have these books lying around. As for the books, we are limiting the times on each of these. Perhaps 15- 30 minutes a book. Then maybe a narration or dictation. I’m still trying to come up with a memorization “time” and verses and book inserts that are not to easy or hard.

Together Work:


 Antonin Dvorak (AN-toe-NEEN d-VOR-zhak; 1841-1904; Late Romantic)
This weeks lesson:Symphony 9 From the New World
Video and Types of Sheet Music
Picture Study : Henry VIII
Drawing: Nature Study and free draw
Shakespeare: – Much Ado About Nothing
Individualized Work:
Copywork and Dictation
I chose a passage from one of this weeks books for each child.
Nature Study:
This month we are looking at Garden flowers/weeds.

I am still looking at how we should implement this. I have a couple of ideas, it will depend on how this week goes with idea #1.
Each child does the next lessons on…..
Life of Fred
Children’s Individualized Work

Bible (OT):

Numbers 1-3; Psalm 56, 57; Proverbs 17:1-13

Bible (NT):
Luke 1:1-25
Saints and Heroes by George Hodges 01 Cyprian, 200-258

Ivanhoe ch 1
Once and Future King: Book 1, Chap 1
Age of Chivalry: Preface-Part One, Chap I Introduction (half)
History of English Literature: Chap 1 In the Listening Time
Bede: Book I, chapter 2
Nature Study:
CM’s “Ourselves” pg 1-4 The Country of Mansoul

How To Read a Book Part 1 ch 1

Great Astronomers by R.S. Ball: Intro 1 week
Bible (OT):
Genesis 1-4; Psalm 1, 2; Proverbs 1:1-19
Bible (NT):
John 12:1-8; Luke 19:28-44 (“Palm Sunday and the Children”)
Never Give In (Winston Churchill biography) pg 23-40
This came from the library. One of 2 books. Wish I could have reserved more.
The Story of Mankind– Im not sure if this has the correct chapters. If it does not we will be using something else.
Trial and Triumph, by Richard Hannula

It Couldn’t Just Happen 1. The Universe and Its Origins: Counting the stars pg 8
Mystery of the Periodic Table ch 1 The Puzzle
Einstein and The Theory of Relativity by R Cwiklik ch 1, 2 (or other Einstein bio)
Robert Frost poems 1-5, one poem each day
We are all praying this week works well!  But, we are trying to brainstorm other things to add. I don’t want the kids to just READ all day. Since it ‘s  NICE outside and the other “school” kids are out, they don’t want to be stuck inside reading all day. Any suggestions?
 I love this. His movements are so INTO IT! Kinda distracting though.
Preview YouTube video Gustavo Dudamel : Dvorak – Symphony no. 9 – 4th movement – Allegro con fuoco

Gustavo Dudamel : Dvorak – Symphony no. 9 – 4th movement – Allegro con fuoco

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