Awaken to Knowledge: Our Weekly Homeschool Review

This week we have been extremely lazy. Not really, the kids did a lot, a little, what ever.. they did SCHOOLwork . Spelling, Reading, Science, History, Math, everything really…. I personally binged watched a few Netflix shows (The Messengers, The Lost Castles of England, (kids) Lost). And, I am currently (or not currently, but thoroughly) going through the Downton Abby seasons from the library, season 5 is in session. Not very good for homeschooling, OR IS IT? The Messengers teaches of Revelation ( maybe not to biblical but some interesting plots to consider), The Lost Castle of England teaches of, well, CASTLES!! and Downton Abby, that era, of course. 🙂 I also binged on reviews of different Homeschool Philosophies and tried to come up with a better SOMETHING than what we have going on. I need a schedule. One that I can load our workfolders with so they know what to do in each section. Like….

Our past few weeks have been mostly working through the CLE workbooks.
They are going just… okay. Not bad, not good… JUST OKAY.

I purchased the first one in all the areas I chose. After taking off in great speed, they became slammed and uninterested in the middle of the workbooks. Not what I want. So that leads me here…  Still trying to come up with a (eclectic) curriculum that will suit each individual child.

Easy? Well, I have been searching the net for ideas.

Being, I have looked into Charlotte Mason HelpAmbleside Online,  A Modern Charlotte Mason, and Ray’s Arithmetic and they have all caught my interest once and again and again. But for some reason I seem to overlook them Every-Single-Time. I just brush the thoughts away and get back on with WHAT SHOULD WE DO.  Maybe it’s the work load of… searching for all the books, purchasing the books, or not knowing where to start the children. Well, this week the thoughts came rolling back waves upon waves, is it God saying give it a try? Because, after all her method is biblical base and she uses Living Books,  Nature Studies, Literature, and more in her education approach. Or, is it me just wanting to say that’s what God is wanting. I’m so confused.

Anyhow,  we are going with a solely Eclectic Charlotte Mason approach for this next year for 2016/2017. PERIOD!! (All capitalized so I won’t get sidetracked in three weeks when this doesn’t seem to work.)

As for our individual course… and reviews of such.. over the past weeks..

  • I’m not liking the Science, so we have put it away. I’m thinking it would be better to start with a more vigorous Living Book Science. I have looked into AO Nature Studies- a schedule and some great examples of living books from Our Journey Westward.
  • Math- One is striving, two are not. A different route is due. My personal opinion, it’s important to get a more grasp on worded (Living) Math. Where they know what to do when they have to think it out. Therefore, I am looking adding Ray’s Arithmetic to our still favorite curriculum Life of Fred. We will are letting Kate do some CLE workbook and Horizon’s since she is doing well. With the added mentioned curricula.
  • Language Arts- Going good. However, we are going to follow the Charlotte Mason approach on this. (I’m not liking diagramming and I will teach them this later. Okay, truth, they know more on that than I do. I had never ever saw this until like last year and was dumbfounded. :O (That was just free!))
  • Reading.. Not, CLE but library. I’m having a time trying to come up with books they would like. I would take them all to the library. BUT I HAVE A 3YO! and end up running after him while everyone else is engorging in books. YES, I am that parent. The one that makes their kids be quiet in the library. What am I thinking!!  I’m thinking,  it’s time for a better approach on this. DUH! Again, Ambleside will be our sole Reading curricula. It allows for placement and rich literature. It will also work for Science, History..etc. THIS is all laid out for you.
  • Timeline… History- We are doing a timeline. Going to implement the living books to eras.
  • What else.. I know I’m missing something… ICK! I hate this, but oh well..moving on.


In the next post I will review  “The “Why’s” of why I am choosing the Charlotte Mason Approach” for our homeschool adventure next year. Please stay tuned!








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