Our Homeschool 2016-2017

Do you struggle with scheduling your homeschool year? I know I do! I think every year that I have scheduled our life away, it pretty much doesn’t go as planned! I always just ending up marking when we do days and pray they come out in the end. I didn’t have to worry about that in our previous state, they just wanted an estimate of the days you plan on schooling. In our new state… that is another deal. So I sat down day before yesterday for a few days and wrote out a list. And guess what?

I finally finished it!

This is what my coming years homeschool calendar (days of expected work) looks like. As you can see in the photo, I left it with 200 days. Tennessee only requires 180, so this gives us wiggle room if we ever need it. I guarantee those extra days will be used during the Fall/Winter. To me, those days are the blah days. As for the crazy days.. my husband is off every 5 days for a few days, so I worked around his schedule. Furthermore, I scheduled most of our days ((off)) around his 3 day off schedule.

Tootles and Pious Homemaking!


About Andrea

My Husband and Children are my rewards. I keep home, run my business, and direct my children with the help of our Lord. Thrift shopping, antiquing, DIYing, and photography are my enjoyments. Peace, Love, and Happy Homesteading! Andrea
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