My look into the WAY BACK. (short and simple)

Have you ever went through a photo album or notebook to see what went on in the WAY BACK? Well, I did with this blog. And this is what I found out…

1- My family has grown! My kids don’t even look like they did when I started this blog. Yes, that bring tears! Where did time go!!!

2- Our homeschool journey has been a steady increase to GOOD! I’m super thankful for all those that have prayed for us! When prayer is there, you feel it!

3- Some of my pictures were terrible. That means that I need to put my NICE camera to use. Or maybe just upload clearer better pictures.

4- Our living situation changed dramatically! Wow!

5- I realized that my online job saturated my life way more than it should. I am now in the process of managing the time between homeschool, homemkaing, job, and being MOM.

6- God! He has made a very big impact on my life. My prayers are working and some are still waiting on the answer.


I am sure there are more but… I’m good with this list for now…



Tootles and Pious Homemaking!




About Andrea

My Husband and Children are my rewards. I keep home, run my business, and direct my children with the help of our Lord. Thrift shopping, antiquing, DIYing, and photography are my enjoyments. Peace, Love, and Happy Homesteading! Andrea
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