Homeschooling: Spring and Summer

Welcome to a new post of the ever so absent Pious Homemaking Blog. Today, I’m talking about our last few months, or year, of HOMESCHOOLING.

For starters, as some may know, I am an advocate for Biblical Schoolilng and Unschooling. So, we I thought we would try this educational approach called Radical Unschooling. Soon realized– it’s not for us. Regular Unschooling though. Yes! I believe a child should be in control of their learning. But, I like for my children to do something more than just watch TV or play on their iPad’s. That brings me to this….

Over the past year all 3 older children have taken a love to MINECRAFT. I say it with capital because that’s all they ((wanted)) to do. But, all things come to a halt. No, they haven’t put it away, totally. But, they have, on their own, decided to do other stuff. I actually got a request from one of my children that they want to do more formal homework!!! I was like, WHAT!!! So, that’s what we are doing this spring and summer. Weird!!

So, let me take a step back…

Way Back..

To our first year of homeschooling.

Being a first time homeschooler mom, I researched like a mad woman (and I still do). I searched for lesson plans, books, and curriculum. I printed off numerous homework pages, lesson plan pages, and tracking pages. I typed up multiple plans.  A schedule. A step by step guide. We were going to do this… Daily, Weekly, Monthly…etc. until it or I went crazy.

I didn’t know what I was doing.

Our first year was pretty much a learning experience about who we were and what we needed. We went through multiple curricula. Then I found the CLE curriculum.  Wow, answer to PRAYERS! And the workbook system. I fell in love with both. We did this for a while and it made it all simple. Sadly, I lost control of putting all the stuff in the boxes. Pregnancy will do that to you, sickness. That’s when I researched some more and learned about the Unschooling Method and LOVED that idea. The kids did, too. And it was clear that’s what was going to happen. So, I let them take over their education. What? YUP!! They didn’t do to bad and it worked for us for a year. They would learn about a whole fudoodle of stuff. They would even ask to do homework every now and then. It was great.

Then Minecraft came along last year, around this time. That was it. Learning became a thing of the past. Well, wanting to learn about anything but Minecraft. Now, minecraft did teach them a ton. They would communicate with others and build crazy things. I am still impressed for the things they have built and the things they talk about. But, all things come to an end… or slight end…. And a few months ago learning started again..

What we are doing NOW!

Here is what our schooling looked like over the last year, from lets say September until now. With the addition of Minecraft and the halt just recently.

  • Life of Fred Math: They have sped through the Life of Fred… All 3 started with Apples and are continuing 2 lessons a day. They are finally starting to slow down as the work gets harder. So far, so good.
  • Reading with library books: Reading is increasing greatly. We go to the library every 2 weeks. The boys read an hour a day or more. Depending on what they find in the mail, comics, or other resources. Our daughter is finally taking up reading. It took a while and she has matured to finally trying and wanting to read. FINALLY!
  • Language Arts through copywork , dictation and board work: Language Arts are kinds on the back burner. I do a lot of vocal remindings and when they write something I explain parts of speech. A lot is done through copywork and board work.
  • Science and History through YouTube, Khan Academy, Netflix, and personal experience and field trips:  These are FUN! You cannot go a day with out learning something. They are always learning through YouTube and Netflix. Such as, time periods. Which is a great interest now.
  • Spelling: Spelling Power. We are doing this and semi liking it. I just think it needs a new approach.

And NOW!

As we welcome Spring, I welcome a new look on our schooling schedule. Why? Because the kids asked for it. So, I have ordered our Spring /Summer Curricula from CLE. And we are all set. But, isn’t this backwards? Well, yeah and no. The spring summer months are BEAUTIFUL! And this gives the children an advantage to take their work outside.


For this Spring and Summer we will be having a more structured schedule with…

  • CLE Bible
  • CLE Math
  • Life of Fred
  • CLE Language Arts
  • CLE Science
  • CLE Penmanship
  • CLE Vocabulary
  • Spelling Power
  • Khan Academy
  • Library


As for now.. At this moment… I am also in the process of revamping our workbox system and setting up a more doable learning organized environment. We will see how that goes. I am still not putting a timed schedule in place. As long as the assigned work is done and they are moving smoothly we will continue this.

Stay tooned for a post for our workbox system and organized space.







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My Husband and Children are my rewards. I keep home, run my business, and direct my children with the help of our Lord. Thrift shopping, antiquing, DIYing, and photography are my enjoyments. Peace, Love, and Happy Homesteading! Andrea
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